News – Please Click for Details Invitation to play at the World Fiddle Day Recital Sat May 19 2018 in Lyons Bar Scartaglin We release the first 9 selections on this weekend as Xmas is a time that fiddle players have time to learn and in Feb we will release the final selections . Paul De Grae has once again agreed to notate and these will be on our Facebook page and the audio will be on there as well as on SoundCloud page Worldfiddleday Scartaglin Invitation to “Come down for a tune “ World Fiddle Day Scartaglin Fiddle Recital May 19 2018 presented by Emma O Leary The Fiddle Recital is one of the highlights of the World Fiddle Day Celebrations held each May in Scartaglin since 2013 when Skip Gorman held us spellbound in Lyons Bar with a demonstration of open tunings and stories and suggested that it should be continued each year . Each year we choose a recording or selection of tunes associated with the Sliabh Luachra Tradition or it’s players. This year’s selection is very unique as very few people will have heard of it . It was offered to us by Kenmare fiddle player Joe Thoma who found it in his attic as a cassette without a case with just Crowley’s /Julia scribbled on it . Many questions remain about it but it is a fantastic session of music . Questions Who is on the tape? Joe Thoma tells us Julia Clifford and Sonny Riordan came down to visit Crowley’s Bar for a tune . But on examination we hear that Bridgie Kelliher the eldest of the famous Murphy’s of Lisheen is playing on the first set of polkas Joe said John Walsh from Derrygallen was the driver but there is no sound of him speaking or playing on this tape . There is however an English accent and Julia often visited home with English friends possibly the driver . What year was the tape recorded? We think from discussions with Billy Clifford who never heard the tape before it must be 1987 because at 92 years of age and sounding great , it would be physically harder for Bridgie Kelliher to play like this after 1987 Was this the first time they visited? Joe Thoma recalls Sonny Riordan and his nephew fiddle player John Walsh often coming to Crowley’s for a tune , it is clear from the tape that this is the first time Mrs Joan Crowley met with Julia and Bridgie Why Crowley’s Bar During the 1980’s with the exceptions of Dan O Connell’s of Knocknagree , Scully’s of Newmarket and the Poorhouse Bar and later Shoemaker’s Bars In Castleisland Crowley’s Bar in Kenmare was home to the best Traditional music to be heard in Ireland at the time attracting the biggest names . To this day the setting and acoustics make it a lovely place for a tune Julia was a guest at the Cibeal festival in Kenmare in 1985 and 1989 and would have known Joe Thoma well as he was the organiser and dynamo and he also used to visit Knocknagree on Sun nights and most likely invited Julia ,Bridgie and Sonny down . Choice of tunes on the tape ? The tunes are a snapshot of what the musicians were playing at that time , some of the polkas and slides were common at Dan O Connell’s and the Kenmare musicians Mrs Crowley and Joe had a tape out called “Up The Track – Music from Kenmare” and some sets are from this Is Julia playing the Stroh Fiddle ? Yes , we now have a great body of recorded music featuring Julia on the Stroh Fiddle . Is the sound quality good ? Considering it is in a pub late on an afternoon/ early evening and recorded by someone on an ordinary cassette recorder ,it is very good but of course as the evening goes on the pub got busier . Will young players like the recording and learn the tunes We hope so and we invite young and old fiddle players to Lyons Bar on Sat May 19 at 16.15 to participate and enjoy Emma O Leary’s presentation and hear what Billy Clifford and Joe Thoma have to say on this piece of musical history Do you need to know all the tunes ? Some of the tunes are commonly played and will be known to all but there are tunes here that were kept alive by the old musicians and seldom heard but are worthy of being in any musicians repertoire.

 Our next event is on Jan 27We would like to invite all fiddle players to join in the World Fiddle Day Recital on Sat May 19

All tunes will be notated and posted here and audio added to our SoundCloud page Worldfiddleday Scartaglin Soundcloud and posted on our Facebook page as well

Caheragh, Castleisland, Co. Kerry.